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Workshop of Wonder: Draw your own story lesson

Workshop of Wonder: Draw your own video lesson!

Is it difficult to find the perfect resources for your learners?

Would you like to create your own?

Boost your teaching with this fun, creative and unique workshop!

This workshop will help you 'wow' your learners!

Are you…?

…struggling to find teaching materials that fully support your learners?

…searching for a fun way to revolutionise your teaching practices?

…looking for CPD that you can use the very next day?

…inspired to learn to draw, get drawing again or use your drawing skills in a practical way?

…keen to harness simple storytelling and video making techniques to make accessible learning materials? 

Then my Workshop of Wonder is for you!

On Saturday 18th of June, join me to create your very own hand-drawn video lesson. Read on to find out more.


I'm Emily Bryson. I help ELT professionals to harness their super-powers, engage their audiences and stand out from the crowd.

I teach English to learners with limited educational history and low level literacy. I find that most published materials are too difficult for them and don’t focus enough on the basics of writing – sounds, spelling, punctuation. Another issue is that many phonics resources are focused on kids or assume a comprehensive vocabulary. 

I wanted to create materials that were useful and accessible to my learners, so I created a series of videos following the Jolly Phonics syllabus. Learners are introduced to high frequency words which use the most common sounds in English first – SATPIN. The stories then continue to introduce more sounds and useful vocabulary. 

Each video story allows students to read and listen to the story, interact with it multiple times, then provides a variety of simple activities to provide supported practice. 

For learners with limited literacy in L1, I’ve found that learning how to draw simple icons is beneficial for their note taking and vocabulary recall. 

In this online workshop, I will talk you through the videos I created and facilitate some discussions on how they could be adapted. I will then give you time to create your own video lesson. 

We’ll explore phonics but you can create your lesson on anything you like, that is helpful to your learners. I’ll provide you with support and feedback throughout. 

Here’s an example video.

Click the image to download the full lesson plan.

Join my Workshop of Wonder!

On Saturday 18th of June 2022 I’ll share my secrets for creating super simple video stories!

The session will:
– introduce basic graphic facilitation techniques
– teach how to draw common icons
– demonstrate how to record your own video story
– demonstrate basic video editing techniques
– give you time to create your VERY OWN video story + activities

Participants have the option to share their work with the rest of the group, or the wider world via this website. It’s an opportunity to get your work out there! Of course, it’s entirely at your own discretion and we can chat about it during the session. 

You will need:

- Video editing software - I'll use Microsoft Video Editor as most teachers already have this.

- A visualiser or a phone with a tripod (you can get octopus tripods online for a tenner).

- An idea for a story (we can discuss this in the session).

Do you want to…?

…get creative?

…stand out from the crowd?

…do something different?

…create materials that really engage and support your learners/trainees?

Here's what my participants from previous courses have said:


Gain confidence in basic graphic facilitation techniques.





Add a touch of magic to your work



This session will leave you bursting with ideas to use during your professional practice. Participants from my previous courses and webinars said they could use their new skills immediately. You’ll learn to use and develop visual templates tailored to you (e.g. graphic organisers, visual feedback forms, reflection sheets, planning documents, future visioning tools and lesson plans).

Tutor support

Throughout the session, I’ll be available to guide you every step of the way. 

Catherine Lindsay, an Adult Learning Tutor said ‘Emily was so responsive, friendly and generous with her time.’   



Got more questions? No problem. Just email me via my site or contact me on Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin or Facebook. (@EmilyBrysonELT)

Workshop dates and times.

Hand drawn icon of a calendar

The workshop is on Saturday 18th June 2022 from 10am-4pm (UK time).  

In the morning, we’ll start with input, demonstrations, discussion and planning, then I’ll give you time alone to create your own lesson (I’ll be available on zoom/email for questions and support). We’ll then come back to share our creations and feedback. 

Facebook Group

Hand drawn facebook logo.

This course gives you access to the Graphic Facilitation in ELT Facebook group. This group is exclusively for participants and alumni of my courses. It’s a space for ELT professionals to grow and seek inspiration through sharing ideas, creations and doodles. it’s a great way to keep on learning after the workshop is over. 

Course fees

You can get this full day of creativity for just £97. Spaces are limited so avoid disappointment and book your spot now. 

To book now, contact me via this website. I will email you with payment details. 

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