Charlotte Giller, Teacher and Teacher Trainer

Emily’s course, Engaging Learners with Simple Drawings, is really enjoyable, highly practical and great value for money. I signed up out of curiosity to see if it’s true that anyone can draw (yes they can) and to take a lovely, refreshing professional development break from thinking about timetabling and exams. The weeks flew by and once I got to the end I found that I was using Emily’s ideas and helpful guidance in lots of different aspects of my working life, from marking homework to planning some upcoming academic work.  It has also impacted on my yoga practice 🙂 The flexibility Emily has thoughtfully designed into the course meant that I was able to practice at my own pace and get the tasks done at times that worked for me, which I really appreciated, as a freelancer with an unpredictable schedule.  Whether you are new to teaching, or have been teaching for a good while and feel like you need to do something different, or you are creating materials or slogging through a dissertation and would like to shift your perspective, I’d say this course has a lot to offer to all. Feeling inspired will stay with you well after the final session is done. Highly recommended and thank you again Emily!