Catherine Lindsay, Adult Learning Tutor, The ClementJames Centre

I was really excited to join Emily’s 4-week pilot course called ‘Engaging Learners with Simple Drawings’ in September 2021.  I had sometimes used drawings in my board work as an ESOL tutor, but wanted to learn more.

I was not disappointed!  We received individual feedback from Emily and the group was warm and friendly.  We learned easy ways to draw images, icons and templates, honing our drawing skills.  Emily was so responsive, friendly and generous with her time.  We shared our work from week to week in a Facebook group so we could inspire each other.  Ideas flowed between us and soon we were all incorporating graphic facilitation in our classes.  An early take-away for me was being able to draw human bodies in a different way.  I used a ‘lift the hot air balloon over the mountain’ visual template to inspire my L2 writing class.   When students needed clarification on meaning, my go-to was drawing rather than a Google Search.

Best of all was seeing the very positive responses of my students as I used sketches and drawings within the class.  I’ve begun my journey of graphic facilitation and I’m so excited about where this journey will lead me.  Don’t hesitate to join Emily’s course: you are in for a treat!