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Some of my videos and audio

John Hughes

John Hughes interviews me about Creating Accessible Learning Materials

Pauline Blake Johnson

Pauline Blake Johnson of NATECLA Scotland and I blether about all things ESOL

Language Fuel Online Course

A sneak peak at my Language Fuel Online Course – Getting Started in Adult ESOL

Engaging Learners with Simple Drawings

A sneak peak at my online course, Engaging Learners with Simple Drawings. This is one of the many videos which will help you build your visual vocabulary

Emily Bryson ELT appearing on Songe Chat podcast

ELT Sponge Chat

Chatting to Jim Fuller on ELT Sponge Chat about teaching, teacher training, materials writing, graphic facilitation and advising MSPs about ESOL

The Drive Home with Harry Waters

Chatting to Harry Waters on his  Teachers Talk Radio podcast about life, giant redwoods and all things ELT. Listen here, or download the podcast from your favourite podcast player. 

Rachael Roberts on LinkedIn Live

Chatting to Rachael Roberts on LinkedIn Live about graphic facilitation, owning my own business, online courses, teacher training, teaching and much more. You’ll need to login to your LinkedIn account to access this one. But it’s worth it! 😉

National Geographic Learning - Teaching through Crisis series

The first in the series of Facebook Live events covering a range of refugee related topics. In this video, I’m honoured to chat with Paul Dummett about Supporting Learners from Refugee Backgrounds. 

Other sessions include:                                                       Katherine Bilsborough – Incorporating Refugee Matters into the English Language Classroom                                         Aleks Palanac – Teaching Trauma Experienced Learners         Lora Agbaso – Forced displacement. Trauma. Can ESOL provide an effective relief?                                                   Emily Wilson – Teaching learners in refugee camps               Polly Akhurst, Holli Ghaisen, Rania Dadoud – Providing high quality learning to refugee youths globally

Access them via the NGL Teaching through Crisis site or the National Geographic Learning Facebook page

Welcoming Refugees to the English Language Classroom - Twinkl webinar

This webinar is designed to support teachers to welcome international arrivals into the English language classroom. Four experts share their tips and experiences of supporting learners from refugee backgrounds. Experts include: Anna Karanikola, Maria Zaheer, Ruth Finnie and Miranda Crawhurst

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