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Online Course – Engaging Learners with Simple Drawings

It’s here! So you’ve been following my blog and wondering how you can use simple graphics to stand out from the crowd.

Well. Now I want to share my secret. It’s easy. It just takes a little practice.

In this course, you will:

  • Get started building your visual dictionary (a library of icons you can draw quickly).

Drawing is a visual language – the more vocabulary you know, the easier it is to communicate. I’ll teach you some basic icons, and show you how to create your own.






  • Gain confidence in basic graphic facilitation techniques.


Graphic or Visual Facilitation is a style of facilitating group training, meetings and other collaborative sessions using simple drawings and templates.

Using these techniques in the classroom instanty engages learners and makes lessons more memorable, supportive and fun. It also boosts student confidence, creativity and critical thinking.





  • Learn visual tips and tricks especially for English Language Teaching (e.g. vocabulary, grammar, 4 skills, pronunciation).

As teachers, we’re always looking for new activities and ideas to use in class. This course will share quick, simple multi-sensory tools to enhance your teaching practices.







  • Add a touch of magic to all aspects of your work.

The graphic facilitation techniques on this course are versatile and can be used in meetings, work plans, social media, presentations and other work related communications. This course is perfect for anyone in the English Language Teaching industry.



What does the course include?

4 x 90 minute online classes

These sessions will be supportive and allow you to practise your visual communication skills, collaborate and share ideas with other English language teaching professionals.

I’ll demonstrate some simple drawings, tools and activities and allow time for participants to practise and reflect.

Sessions will be recorded, so if you miss one, you can easily catch up.




Facebook group

A collaborative space for participants to share their work, leave feedback and access course resources.





Teaching and facilitation ideas

The sessions will leave you bursting with activities to use during your professional practice. You’ll learn to use and develop visual templates tailored to you (e.g. graphic organisers, visual feedback forms, reflection sheets, planning documents, future visioning tools and lesson plans).


Expert feedback and advice

Throughout the course, I’ll be available to guide you every step of the way.



Booking information

Plus, you can be a pioneer of the Graphic Facilitation movement in English Language Teaching!

Course dates

Next course in January 2022! Join my mailing list for updates.


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