It’s NOT a snowman! Lesson worksheets.

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Here's a festive freebie for you! These worksheets will inspire your learners and get them thinking.

Lesson idea:

Print a selection of the worksheets. Ask students to choose one each, then to colour their chosen image as they like. BUT they CAN'T draw a snowman, a bell, a Christmas tree, Santa, a stocking or a candle. Students have to use their critical thinking skills and creativity to draw anything BUT what they first see. Encourage students to turn the paper around to view the image at different angles to get ideas. Students can discuss and help each other.

Once students have finished colouring in and drawing, display their work around the room. Ask students to explain what they drew and why they drew it.

If you use these worksheets, I'd love to see your student's creations. Please feel free to share on social media and tag me in your post. You can also use #DrawingELT.


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