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Over the years I have been writing print and digital materials in a range of contexts for a variety of organisations including Academic Study Kit, the British Council, Language Fuel, City of Glasgow College, LearnJam (formerly ELTJam), MacMillan Education, TESOL Press and Wayzgoose Press. I have recently finished co-authoring an adult course for National Geographic Learning (Cengage).

50 ways to teach life skillsMy latest book, 50 Ways to Teach Life Skills, is available now from Wayzgoose Press.  I recognised that in order to succeed, our students need more than to simply learn English.  They also need to confidently use social, academic, critical thinking, digital, and work skills.  This book provides 50 inspiring, practical tips and activities for all levels, many of which require little or no preparation or special materials.  It is a quick and essential guide for any busy teacher wishing to support their students to be their best selves.

My first book is the A-Z of ESOL published by Academic Study Kit.  It’s the book I always wished I had while prepping for class!  It contains 26 activities to equip ESOL learners with essential skills for life in an English speaking country. Get your copy hereBook cover

I have also written materials for the British Council Anniversaries project.  These commemorated 100 years since the start of the First World War and celebrated 800 years since the signing of the Magna Carta.  You can access my materials via the links below:

The Magna Carta, King John’s promises, A2/B1, 60-90 minutes, ‘will’ for promises. 

The First World War, Migration and the First World War, B2, Approx. 70 mins, listening. 

The First World War, Soldiers from the Caribbean in the First World War, B1, 60 mins, reading and speaking. 

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In addition, I have written three interactive digital courses so far for the Language Fuel ELT Training Library.  These include:

Getting started in ESOL

Teaching Adult ESOL LiteracyCourse 1: What is it, and what is involved? Course 2: Practical activities for teaching ESOL literacy.

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Getting started in ESOL
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Teaching Adult ESOL Literacy







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