Free taster session

Free online taster session

Want to know more about graphic facilitation in ELT? Want to power up your teaching, training sessions or other ELT related work?

Join me on Monday 22nd November from 4-4.30pm online.

In this session, I will:
- introduce you to graphic facilitation
- explore the many ways it's fantastic for ELT
- share graphic facilitation techniques, tools and activities for ELT professionals
- show you some quick and simple ways to draw icons for ELT

This session is for you, if you want to:
- reduce your prep time
- rejuvenate your teaching mojo
- do something a bit different
- support your students' understanding
- make your lessons memorable
- motivate and inspire your learners
- get creative
- have fun
- meet some amazing people
- find the nicest corner of the internet

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