Emily Bryson ELT

Emily Bryson ELT

Transforming English language teaching, one doodle at a time!

Are you looking for innovative ways to engage, inspire and motivate?
I can help.

I am an ELT author, materials writer, ESOL lecturer, teacher trainer and graphic facilitator. I have around 20 years’ experience in ELT.

I help ELT professionals to:

  • Create innovative, engaging resources for print and digital. 
  • Develop teaching skills through tailored, bespoke in-house training, webinars and online courses.
  • Motivate and inspire learners by harnessing the superpower of graphic facilitation and simple doodles.
  • Convey complex information through sketchnotes (e.g. hand drawn infographics/visual recordings).
As an inclusive practitioner with a wealth of experience, my services can be tailored to any teaching context. So whether you teach adults from refugee backgrounds, young learners, teens or business professionals, I can provide training which stands out from the crowd. 

What can I help you with?

On 14 – 16 of April I’ll be cycling 250 miles/400 km from Glasgow to Harrogate. I’ll be leaving behind my laptop and packing my lightest conference friendly clothes to raise money for education for children in difficult circumstances.

In 2018, I cycled to Liverpool, raising money for Code your Future. A charity which trains people from refugee backgrounds in computer coding. Last year, I cycled to Belfast for Amala, who provide education in refugee camps. 

This year, I’d like to keep the PedaLgogy alive (thanks, Rob Howard, for this new word). 

I’ll be cycling for the Hands Up Project. HUP provide online learning for children who really need it, for example in Palestine. They find innovative ways to give students a voice. 

I chose HUP because I’ve heard so many wonderful things about their use of storytelling, creative writing and remote theatre. Susan Piper, one of my awesome alumni, has shown me tons of her cool hand drawn activities. I am so inspired by her work.! 

It’s also one of the charities which features frequently in National Geographic Learning’s Teaching through Crisis series. Paul Dummett and Efi Tzouri have both volunteered with them and share their experiences in the teacher development videos. 

Once at IATEFL, I’ll be speaking at the IPSEN SIG PCE on Monday 17th about doodling for wellbeing, on Tuesday 18th 10.35am (King’s Suite) for the National Geographic Learning Teaching through Crisis series and on Saturday 22nd at the Hands Up Project conference. I’d love to see you at each. 

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Emily Bryson - ELT Specialist: Author, Materials Writer, Teacher Trainer, Graphic Facilitator, ESOL Lecturer

What my course participants have to say:

Emily's course was a great mix of practical and theoretical, with lots of shared resources for further reading and watching.
Katherine Bilsborough
Author, Writer, Teacher Trainer
Best of all was seeing the very positive responses of my students as I used sketches and drawings within the class.  I’ve begun my journey of graphic facilitation and I’m so excited about where this journey will lead me.  Don’t hesitate to join Emily’s course: you are in for a treat!
Self-portrait profile image of Catherine Lindsay, ESOL Lecturer at Clement James Centre
Catherine Lindsay
Adult Learning Tutor
Emily's course was engaging and hands-on, and the Facebook group helped create a feeling of community.
Nergiz Kern
EdTech Specialist, Independent Editor & University EAP Teacher
Emily’s course resides at the nicest corner of the internet. The participants are incredibly supportive with one another and it’s nothing but inspiration.
Annette Flavel
ELT Author
I'd say this course has a lot to offer to all. Feeling inspired will stay with you well after the final session is done. Highly recommended.
Charlotte Giller
Teacher and Teacher Trainer

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My unique courses have been hand crafted to bring your the very best of ELT teacher devlopment. 

They’ll leave you bursting with innovative ideas to make grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing, speaking and listening as engaging, supportive and memorable as possible. 

You’ll develop your ability to communicate visually and use graphic tools which inspire learning and bring a smile to students faces. 

If you’re ready to take your teaching to the next level and stand out from the crowd, these are the perfect courses for you!

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